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Are you ready for a challenge in the Norwegian woods? Do you want to experience the second best course in the world, according to Udisc World rankings 2022? Ready to find out why it’s worthy of the hype? Now’s your chance!

Since September 2018, the Krokhol crew has been hard at work creating something special out in the Norwegian forests. Once the course opened to the public, it quickly gathered renown and momentum nationwide, and Krokhol is now widely considered one of the best courses in Norway.

Krokhol has a few big tournaments under its belt already, hosting the Norwegian National Championship in 2019, and the National Doubles Championship in 2021. Now that Krokhol has secured the bid to host a Euro Tour event, the Krokhol team and Chains have teamed up to make something extra special!

Chains has handpicked some of the most experienced TDs and tournament staff in Norway to create an event company focused on delivering top-quality events. Together, we are confident that we will deliver an event to remember!

We’re really excited to finally announce the registration tier 1 opens January 1st 2023 at 20:00 CET

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