Welcome to Krokhol Open 2024!

Spectators are very welcome, but free access is limited to main roads and a few designated areas. If you want the full experience, VIP is the way to go.

VIP tickets are for the entire event and no single-day tickets will be available. All tickets must be purchased in advance, with no on-site ticket sales permitted.

Pets are not allowed, but service animals are permitted with proper identification. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who must also have a ticket. However, children under 13 can follow the players for free.

No professional photography or video equipment is allowed on site without media credentials.

There are two ways to experience Krokhol Open as a spectator

1 – VIP. Permission to follow all cards on the course, including lead card (non-VIP spectators will only be allowed to stay in marked areas)
2 – General admission. You can of course come and watch almost for free, we would love as many spectators as possible, but then you only get access to a few designated areas.

In addition you get this as VIP spectator:
• An unique Krokhol Open disc
• Free parking
• 15% discount at Krokhol Disc Golf Shop*
• A beverage
• VIP lanyard
*cannot be combined with other sale offers


The players are extremely focused during play so we urge spectators to stay quiet during throws/putts and to keep their phones on silent mode. We invite everyone to gather around the holes to watch the tournament, but ask for people not to cross the field of play during action.

Merchandise & pro shop

Krokhol Disc Golf Shop will be selling discs and other merchandise during the tournament at the tournament center.


At the tournament center you will find toilets, pro shop and disc golf vendors as well as a cafe/restaurant for food and beverages.


Friday, June 23
Tee-time first group: 08:00
Tee-time last group: 15:00

Saturday, June 23
Tee-time first group: 08:00
Tee-time last group: 15:00

Sunday, June 23
Tee-time first group: 08:00
Tee-time last group: 15:00