Euro Tour

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Getting to the course

Plan your route to the course by car, public transport, bike, or foot by clicking one of the icons in the area map below, or by using this Google Maps Destination.


Total prize money table will be published at the tournament tent. There will be trophies awarded for top 3 finishers in both divisions.


We play by the PDGA rules.


There can be no practice at the course holes after the first group has started each day – until the last putt each day.

We ask that you respect the 30 second rule and the 3 minute rule, so that we will be able to stay on schedule.

If the tournament has to be temporarily delayed, for example in case of a thunderstorm, this will be signaled with repeated long signals.


The official score is kept with

Scores must also be entered in UDisc (by another player or a volunteer).

Please review all scoring procedures in the rules to prevent incorrect scorecards and the resulting penalty throws.


On certain holes there will be spotters to prevent lost discs and to check on blind holes and for out-of-bounds (OBs) and mandatories.

Please note that the spotters have no official status regarding OB rulings.

Groups must make their own calls on OBs (remember to play provisional throws and note two scores for the player if the group is in doubt).

The spotters will attempt to mark where discs cross into out-of-bounds. No discussion with the spotters regarding any calls is permitted.

Tournament center

The tournament center is located at the start of the course.

Here you will find a kiosk, pro shop, disc venros, toilets and food. 

The tournament center will have an information board with all changes/updates regarding the tournament.

The information on this board is always correct and should be followed – please check this board regularly!

Warm-up and practice rounds

The full course will be up on Monday 19.04.2023 at 14:00. There is a dedicated driving range 150 meters from the tournament center (0 meters from the parking lot) and a putting area close by.

Drinking water and toilets

There will be drinking water available at the tournament center and at a few spots on the course.

There are toilets at the tournament center.


Sudden-death play resolves ties for trophy candidates in both divisions and possible split first places. Sudden-deaths are played on holes 17-18 in a loop until a winner is found.


Dress code

At Krokhol Open 2023 we follow the dress code as stated in the PDGA Competition Manual item 3.04. Here are the most important points:

  • All violations of the Dress Code Policy shall be considered a Courtesy Violation under Section 812 of the PDGA Official Rules of Play.
  • All competitors and staff are required to wear a shirt.
  • All competitors, caddies, and staff are required to wear shoes or other foot coverings. Players will not be allowed to play in bare feet. Sandals or slides are allowed.
  • All players must wear a shirt covering their upper chest area. A well-tailored shirt with a collar and sleeves covering the upper arm shall be considered acceptable. Tank tops are not allowed for any competitor, but women may wear sleeveless shirts with collars. Women may also wear well-tailored one-piece tennis dresses with minimum 1 inch wide shoulder straps.
  • No ripped shirts, shorts, or pants will be allowed on the course. This includes unhemmed, torn or cut «vents» at the shirt collar.

Registration stages

January 1, 8pm CET
 1000+   FPO 900+  

January 15, 8pm CET
980+   FPO 880+  

January 29, 8pm CET
960+   FPO 850+  

February 12, 8pm CET
940+   FPO 800+  

February 26, 8pm CET
900+   FPO 700+